2018 In-Kind Product Participants

2018 In-Kind Product Participants 2018-06-21T14:57:04+00:00

Each year, ISA Sign Expo exhibitors generously donate materials used in everything from the the entrance experience leading into the exhibit hall to window and floor clings seen throughout the convention center.

Check out how these products were used at ISA Sign Expo 2018!

Submit this form if your company is interested in donating a product to be used at ISA International Sign Expo 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Applications are due by July 16, 2018.


Booth 3308

3M displays their premium printed films and window films in several areas of the convention center’s pre-function space and at the Hyatt Sky Bridge entrance (3MTM ControltacTM Print Film 40C-20R, 3MTM ScotchcalTM Luster Overlaminate 3645); their exterior floor decals at the top of the exterior escalators (3MTM ControltacTM Print Film 40C-20R, 3MTM ScotchcalTM Luster Overlaminate 3645); and their floor decal in the Lounge & Learn Booth 5245 (3MTM ControltacTM Print Film 40C-20R, 3MTM ScotchcalTM Luster Overlaminate 3645). Their window clings are also on display on the windows as you enter from the Hilton Sky Bridge (3MTM ControltacTM Print Film 40C-10R, 3MTM ScotchcalTM Gloss Overlaminate 8508), and on the windows near registration (3MTM ControltacTM Print Film 40C-10R, 3MTM ScotchcalTM Matte Overlaminate 8520).

ARK Ramos

Booth 2300

ARK Ramos provides the plaques for the Affiliated Association kiosks in The Hub, located in Booth 853.

Banner Ups

Booth 3935

Check out the perimeter rotunda banners at each entrance. Banner Ups is providing the BravoTabs for hanging the rotunda banners.


Booth 4635

Stop by the food court and relax at one of Colex’s Falconboard bar tables.


Booth 3300

Check out the daily schedule and get the most up-to-date information on Daktronics’s Digital Street Furniture Display located at the Hall B entrance of the South Convention Center.


Booth 4137

Dazian custom printed and fabricated banners for the “Central SEG Logo Cube” and overhead sign in The Hub, Booth 853.

Eastsign Trading (Shenzen) Co., Ltd.

Booth 5417

Eastsign provides the fabric backdrop seen at all of the Game Changer sessions.

Fisher Textiles

Booths 1407, 5403

Check out the four large carpet maps throughout the trade show floor, which are printed on Fisher Textile’s GF 2400 Big Floor. You can also see their GF 6090 SunBright fabric material and GF 4017 soft-knit material in the Lounge & Learn booth. Their GF Rebound 2000 flooring can be seen in The Hub. GF 8864 Wht/Wht/Wht is used for the ISA Lounge, sponsored by Orafol, backwall.

FusionCast Inc.

Booth 4600

FusionCast designed and produced the Innovation Awards.

GBC & Seal

Booth 2113

GBC & Seal is providing their UltraClear PET to create the window graphics for all main entrance doors and parking lot entrance doors. You can also see their product used as a window cling near registration.


Booth 1137

At ISA Rocks! on Thursday night, the stage will be lit up by the ISA Rocks! logo provided on the INCISEON Skeletonized product.


Booth 3802

The (NEW) FloorApeal can be seen at each entrance, including the Hilton entrance floor decal and registration. Their GlassApeel can be seen on the windows near registration and at the lobby lounge.

Magnum Magnetics Corporation

Booth 3007

Magnum Magnetics’ DigiMag® super-wide magnetic media can be seen on the crash doors leading into the exhibit hall at both entrances.

NuSpace Displays (Fortunexpo)

Booth 3604

The ISA Elite class of 2018 is recognized on Fortunexpo’s dynamic LED light box in the main lobby.

ORAFOL Americas

Booth 3604

The Orajet Media product can be seen as the floor decal in the ISA Lounge, which is also sponsored by ORAFOL in Booth 5245. You can also see their window cling material on one of the windows near registration.

Photo Tex Group

Booths 3702

Photo Tex is providing the column wraps at the shuttle bus drop-offs with their PhotoTexOS product.

Radiant Manufacturing

Booth 5226

Radiant’s SolaRay panels are used in the large hanging displays at both entrances to the show floor, as well as accents for the lightning bolts at both entrances.

Shanghai Soardist Display Co., Ltd.

Booth 835

You can see Windigo portable sidewalk signs used for the shuttle bus and ride-share pickup signs outside the convention center. Their 8’x20’ EZ Extend Display is also the step-and-repeat at ISA Rocks!, as well as directional signage for ISA Rocks! located at Pointe Orlando.


Booth 2825

Sloan LED’s SlimLINER linear product can be seen as the lighting in The Hub, Booth 853.

Top Value Fabrics

Booth 4438

Top Value Fabric’s Pes-Deko-Tex 2582GFS product can be seen outside both entrances as the exterior entrance banners. Top Value Fabric’s Deko-Tex 7048GFS product can be viewed as the backwalls to registration. They are also using Deko-Tex 7047GFS for the flag sides, Pes-Satinette 6669PFLW in the middle for the registration flags, and Heavy Deko-Stretch 8488GFS for the registration back wall circles.

Vantage LED

Booth 212

Vantage LED provides charging stations throughout the trade show floor and lobby space so you can recharge your devices and get up-to-date information on their digital displays.

WS Display

Booth 5623

You can see WS Display’s EZ Extend 3’x7.5’ and 5D EZ Extend Circles used as signage promoting ISA Affiliates and sign code help. In addition, their barrier displays are used in the vehicle wrap area and the step-and-repeat for ISA Rocks! WS Display is also providing the “see you next year” signage promoting the 2019 show. Lastly, they are providing their Zeppy outdoor banner stands for shuttle signage.