Education Handouts

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Wednesday, April 19

ISA-01: Introduction to Digital Signage: Where Is the Profit?
ISA-02: My Client Wants a Digital Sign – Now What? 
ISA-05: Digital Signage Content Creation Production In-house and What to Expect
ISA-06: Proposal Template (Excel)
ISA-06: Writing and Presenting a Basic DS Proposal That Wins!

Thursday, April 20

ISA-07: 3D Modeling for the Design-Build Project
ISA-10: The Next Generation and the Family Business
ISA-11: The Sales Triathlon: Time Management, Voicemail, Overcoming Objections
ISA-12: Green Space Signage and Interpretive Graphics – A Growing Market You Want to Be Part Of
ISA-13: Rethinking Sales Management
ISA-14: Is Your Day Just One Big Interruption? (Including the Tyranny of Electronic Communication)
ISA-15: UV Printers: The V Is for Versatility
ISA-16: Dynamic Signage: Myths, Margins, and Making the Sale
ISA-19: How Sign Companies Can Manage Their Online Reputation
ISA-20: Wide Format: Using Data to Increase Profit and Create Opportunity
ISA-21: Generational Differences: Millenials at Work
ISA-22: The 25 Best Sales Tips Ever

Friday, April 21

ISA-23: Building Successful Design-Build Partnerships
ISA-24: The Power of Competitive Leadership Skills That Leads to Success
ISA-25: Key Business Measurements for Financial and Operational Success
ISA-27: NEC Code Changes
ISA-27: UL Standards Update
ISA-29: Win-Win-Win! How Design Professionals and Sign Fabricators Can Create Successful Partnership to Solve Client Problems
ISA-30: Digital Signage – The Keys to Success
ISA-32: Do You Provide the TLC Factors Your Customers Expect?
ISA-35: Job Costing: What Is It, How to Do It and Why It Matters for Your Sign Company?
ISA-35 Job Costing Template
ISA-36: Retaining Key Employees…Creating a Self-Motivating Work Environment
ISA-37: Making Your Prices Stick without Getting Stuck
ISA-39: Seven Ways to Be a More Effective Boss

Lounge & Learn Sessions

Thursday, April 20
Silicone Edge Graphics presented by the Fabric Graphics Association (FGA)

Friday, April 21
Writing Clear Installation Instructions: Best Practices to Ensure Approvals From Your Electrical Inspector