Get the Boss to Say Yes

Get the Boss to Say Yes 2018-08-17T14:07:14+00:00

Use this email template to customize your request for budget approval for travel to ISA Sign Expo® 2019, April 23-26!

  1. Stay tuned! Check back in fall 2019 to download the justification email.
  2. Customize it to your needs.
  3. Send it for approval.

You already know that attending ISA Sign Expo® will advance your career – and the success of your organization. We know you need help making the case to your boss.

The prices in the email template for registration and education are pre-show member fees.

Visit the education page to view a preview of sessions, and the hotel page for specific hotel rates. The floor plan has a list of exhibitors and product categories of vendors.

Four ways to further convince your manager to approve your attendance:

  1. Connect your attendance to the accomplishment of your professional goals.
  2. Schedule a presentation two weeks after the event to share key learnings and tools with your colleagues.
  3. Have a plan for who will cover for you while you are attending the event.
  4. Guarantee that you will deliver a recommendations report with ways to improve business success.