These ISA Sign Expo Speakers Will Truly Change Your Game

One of the best ways to inject new life into your skill set for 2018 and beyond is to reap inspiration from the three Game Changers at this year’s show. Coming from very different backgrounds and specialties, the unique perspectives of these remarkable individuals will power up your own thinking.

On Thursday morning, Shannon Huffman Polson shares her ideas on how to become a great leader by overcoming obstacles and resistance with grit. Grit that she needed as the first woman to scale Mount McKinley and one of the first women to fly an Apache attack helicopter in the U.S. Army. She translated these experiences into a successful career in the corporate world at Guidant and Microsoft, and as an author. In her inspiring talk “Leading from Any Seat: Lessons from the Cockpit,” she will share leadership tips that are immediately transferable to any business or activity.

On Thursday afternoon, Jeff Henderson will offer his inspirational talk “If You Can See It, You Can Be It” about his two-decade journey from drug dealer to award-winning television celebrity chef to nationally acclaimed speaker and writer. He will inspire you with recipes for discovering your hidden business aptitudes and making life-changing decisions for both personal and professional success.

Another piping hot topic for everyone in business is how to understand the demographic shifts that are impacting the workplace in new and unexpected ways. Say goodbye to the baby boomers, 10,000 of whom are retiring daily, and hello to all the Millenials and newly minted Gens who are changing the expected norms at work and everywhere else. In “Leveraging Generational Diversity” on Friday afternoon,” Kim Lear will clue you in to what the real generational differences are and give you the tools you need to create a harmonious and productive workplace.

So be sure to fill in your dance card with all three of these presenters. They will inspire you with important stories and practical tools for your own life and work.

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