STS Inks® Introduces Prismat-Ink: New Formulation for Permanent Printing on Glass and Non-Absorbent Surfaces

Boca Raton, FL (March 20, 2017) – STS Inks®, a global leader in ink technology, announces the introduction of a revolutionary new formulation that will literally change the face of multiple hard surfaces. Developed by industry-leader and STS Inks founder Shahar Turgeman, the ink product, called Primat-Ink, contains a special resin that gives the user a longer-lasting product to print on glass, stainless steel and other non-absorbent surfaces. Unlike prior ink formulations that used UV printing processes, Prismat-Ink is guaranteed to last for ten years.

Turgeman founded STS Inks to meet the rapidly emerging challenges of myriad industries that use printing processes. He brings a unique background to this industry, combining education and expertise in software and hardware engineering, chemistry and global business leadership. He is single-handedly changing the ink industry, and personally holds nine patents for ink products that are made exclusively in America and widely used worldwide.

In a field crowded with competition from lesser-quality products made overseas, Turgeman’s industry insight, engineering talent and business acumen have led STS Ink to the number one spot in the U.S. manufacture of high-quality ink. One of the benefits of his combination of high-level expertise is a cost-saving opportunity for clients who can procure the highest quality customized ink formulations, without having to fund their own R&D efforts.

“We first conceived the hard substrate application as a means to meet the specific challenge posed by airport screens which are placed outdoors or semi-outdoors where bright sunlight can quickly compromise the black paint used to hide electrical wiring,” says STS Inks Founder Shahar Turgeman. “What we discovered is that Prismat-Ink is also an excellent formulation for printing directly on an infinite number of glass, aluminum and stainless steel consumer products, ranging from printing logos on windows and mugs, to beautifully accenting garage doors and camouflaging solar panels.”

The STS Inks headquarters in Boca Raton houses a 30,000 foot manufacturing facility that employs local engineering talent and trains additional staff in skills needed for multiple processes in the development, manufacturing and distribution of ink. With his rare range of skills and talents, Turgeman provides the essential link between clients and his research and development team to customize formulations for specific printers and multiple substrates.

“I was totally impressed with Shahar Turgeman and his company as a business partner,” said Bill Dunn, Chairman and Co-Founder of LG-MRI, the global leader in outdoor display technology. “They met our requirements on short notice, responding to our feedback to develop a new a printer-friendly product that exceeded our expectations and withstood 10-year accelerated solar exposure lab testing.”

STS Inks developed Prismat-Ink as a solvent, so it doesn’t run through the glass or other hard substrates. Designed for use with digital printers, there is no set-up time necessary to utilize Prismat-Ink, and it prints in the full black and white and CMYK spectrum.

Prismat-Ink is currently available for commercial distribution. Please visit for contact and ordering information.

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