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Women Leading the Industry

The International Sign Association will host a networking and learning event at ISA Sign Expo 2024. Attendees will explore new paths to leadership, build lasting connections and leave with a knowledge bank of resources. 

Empowerment and Leadership in the Sign Industry: Women Leading the Way, powered by Women Leading the Industry (WLI)

Thursday, April 11, 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM

Join us for an engaging 2-hour workshop designed to empower women and their allies within the sign, graphics and visual communications industry. Attendees will walk away with the tools and knowledge needed to advocate for themselves, foster collaboration within the industry, and create leadership opportunities.

Take part in insightful presentations, interactive discussions, and small group activities to facilitate meaningful learning and networking opportunities. Participants will have the chance to engage in roundtable discussions, set personal goals, and commit to actions that promote women's leadership in the sign industry.

Attend this unique workshop and gain:

  • Enhanced empowerment and self-advocacy skills.
  • Strategies for building a strong professional network.
  • Motivation to pursue leadership roles and tools to overcome barriers.
  • Actionable goals and commitments for positive change within the industry.

Participants will receive a copy of Lisa's book titled Thank You Very Much: Gratitude Strategies to Create a Workplace Culture that ROCKS!






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