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Exhibitor Insights & Advice for 2022

Orafol Booth

As a long-time—20-plus years!—exhibitor at ISA International Sign Expo, ORAFOL’s growth has gone hand-in-hand with the event, says Josh Culverhouse, Graphics Innovation Market Manager. “The ability to connect with prospective users and present our evolving product line has been invaluable.”

As a returning exhibitor to ISA International Sign Expo, Culverhouse gives a little insight into what this means to him, his company and the sign, graphics and visual communications industry.

On two years without in-person tradeshows. “Like most companies, we've had to pivot and think of more creative ways to stay connected to the industry. Very early on, we were able to provide free educational webinars designed to educate users on the finer details of various graphic applications. These were designed to minimize the learning curve for users, as they explored adding additional graphic applications to generate additional revenue streams. Many companies took the opportunity to look inward and reimagine how they do business. We were hopeful that our webinar content would help drive some of these initiatives with our end-users.”

The return of ISA International Sign Expo 2022 “means quite a lot to ORAFOL Americas! ISA International Sign Expo is by far our largest domestic trade show each year. It provides us with the ability to connect at a deeper level with the industry. Many of the meaningful relationships we've experienced over the years stem from ISA Sign Expo.”

So why exhibit? “ORAFOL prides itself on providing graphic innovations to help drive the industry further year after year. ISA Sign Expo is just the vehicle we need to show off many of these innovations. There's no substitute for in-person events to deliver meaningful experiences to end-users and industry partners.”

Advice for newcomers from someone who has been there: “Develop a plan and research the exhibitors who will have a presence at the show. Identify what your business wants to achieve over the next one, two, three, four, five years. Identify what resources, equipment, training, etc. you need to be able to achieve your goals. Chances are you'll identify most everything you need to know from the plethora of industry experts who attend ISA Sign Expo.”